Mission, Vision, Values



Protecting children.  Supporting families.  Engaging communities.


To be the most effective and recognizable lead agency for community-based care, providing child-centered practices that strengthen families and help create, support and maintain a safe environment for children.



Integrity: We are professional and honest in our working relationships, honor our commitments and hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and conduct.

Accountability: As stewards of the public’s trust, we are responsible, transparent and dependable in our actions.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in our work, seek ways to continuously improve and ensure staff and partners have the proper competencies and capacity to exceed customer expectations.

Empowerment: We empower staff, individuals, families, and communities by respecting their diversity, providing the information and authority necessary to make appropriate decisions, and ensuring they have a voice and choice in their future.

Collaboration: We engage community members, partners, stakeholders and service recipients in order to turn vision into action.

Innovation: We cultivate a learning, adaptable environment using feedback, data and innovative ideas to improve efficiencies, effectiveness and results.