Please find below Kids Central’s current Board of Director approved budget and executive team compensation disclosed per F.S. 409.988 (1) (d).  For further questions, please contact Kids Central via info@KidsCentralinc.org

Current Board Approved Budget

RevenuesFY 2015-16 Amended Budget
Department of Children and Families$46,227,031
Prior Year Carry Forward Revenue2,670,000
Grant Revenue243,717
Contracted Services Revenue1,223,469
Contributions, Interest Income, and Other Revenues94,630
Total Revenues$50,458,846
Kids Central Programs and AdministrationSalaries, Benefits, and Other Employee Expenses$8,836,486
Occupancy, Utilities, and Telephones954,250
Supplies and Postage89,714
Professional Services and Consultants1,158,131
Office Furniture, Equipment, and Software231,307
Foster Parent Program150,827
Depreciation and Amortization Expense492,882
Grant Expenditures and Other Expenses167,058
Total Kids Central Expenses$12,386,894
Contracted Program ExpensesCase Management15,049,643
Contracted Services5,127,198
Contracted Adoption Services2,150,601
Total Contracted Program Expenses$22,327,442
Child Care Program ExpensesAdoption7,811,442
Independent Living Program919,509
Client Assistance/Flex Funds40,700
Out of Home Payments6,842,611
Other Program Expenses373,130
Total Child Care Program Expenses$15,987,392
Total Expenses$50,701,729
Change in Net Assets$(242,882)
Capital Asset Additions$250,000


Kids Central utilizes a comprehensive compensation policy, which applies to all employees including executive management. Our policy ensures consistent application of compensation practices and also ensures employees are paid within market driven, competitive pay ranges. This policy includes incentivized pay for performance which ensures the organization’s staff is focused on the strategically aligned, measureable outcomes resulting in continual improvements and increased efficiencies. 

According to Human Services Compensation in the United States, Alliance for Children and Families (2014), please reference the information below to compare Kids Central’s executive leadership compensation with average salaries for organizations with comparable budgets.

  • Average CEO salary for organizations with budgets over $40 million – $237,901
  • Average CEO salary for organizations with budgets over $10 million – $183,169
  • Average CFO salary for organizations with budgets over $10 million – $116,654
  • Average COO salary for organizations with budgets over $10 million – $115,000


Gail Burry, Board of Directors Chairperson

Additional Budget Information

PositionChief Executive OfficerChief Financial OfficerChief of Operations
Annual Salary$160,000$122,000$110,000
Earned Performance Incentive18,27015,39913,572
Cell Phone Allowance650650650
Total Compensation$178,920$138,049$124,222
Medical Insurance$19,920$19,920$19,920
Life Insurance460175158
Long-term Disability Insurance338338338
401(k) Retirement Match7,1565,5214,968
Total Benefits$27,874$25,954$25,384