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In the communities of Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion or Sumter County, Florida, approximately 1,600 children are living in crisis every day. They desparately need a safe, temporary and loving home free from abuse and neglect. Foster parents are every day heroes who give children in need a safe, temporary home and much needed love. Would you like to be that hero? Contact Kids Central, Inc.

Foster parents nurture children in need into happy, healthy and self-confident individuals. Foster children have unique needs, including life experiences that may negatively affect their interactions within the foster family and at school. These children need someone who will never give up; someone to teach them how to love and respect others and themselves.

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When my wife and I started foster parenting, we had no idea what it would be like.  It’s been challenging, but incredibly rewarding.  A few years ago, I never imagined that I would be a foster parent, but now I can’t imagine NOT being one.  People ask me all the time if it’s hard being a foster parent.  Yes, it is – really hard, but it’s also really worth it.  They ask doesn’t it hurt to love the kids?  Of course is does – what love doesn’t hurt?  We also know that what kids really and truly need is a family to love them.  What we all need is to love and be loved.  We love our kids recklessly, and our lives are richer for it.                      -Jeff

Excerpt from a letter of appreciation for two, local foster parents:

I was just impressed with Mrs. W’s ease, and both she and her husband were immediately empathetic to keeping the siblings together and helping out however needed to make their foster placement as least traumatizing as possible.  They welcomed the children with open arms and went above and beyond what they are ever expected in driving out of their way to pick the children up.  They are passionate about fostering and while that sibling group went home, they have again taken another one, being considerate enough to keep three siblings together (including one that has the questionable background of being in an alternative school).  They were worried, but they are seeking alternative options and surprised themselves in enjoying him and seeing him open up to Mr. W about their background and why he was in an alternative school setting.  They are very open minded and flexible. 


Jenna R.


Want to learn more about becoming a foster parent, contact Paula Mealy at 352-387-3487

Visit the Becoming a Foster Parent page to learn more about how to become a foster parent and the rewards that accompany it.

If you’re a current foster parent, visit the Current Foster Parents page for helpful forms, FAQs, and contact information.


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Florida Mentor and Camelot license Kids Central’s therapeutic foster homes. Children’s Medical Services licenses Kids Central’s medical foster homes.



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