Becoming a Foster Parent


Foster a Brighter Future

In the communities of Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion or Sumter County, Florida, approximately 1,600 children are living in crisis every day. They desperately need a safe, temporary and loving home free from abuse and neglect. Foster parents are every day heroes who give children in need a safe, temporary home and much needed love. Would you like to be that hero? Contact Kids Central, Inc.

Our loving parents are respected valued members of the team that’s committed to nurturing the child’s well being. They are skilled resources for strengthening the family, a bridge to the future and a key to community partnership.


Contact Us
For more information about becoming a foster parent, please contact Paula Mealy at (352) 387-3487, or fill out an information request form and someone will contact you.

Attend an Orientation
For more information about attending an orientation, call Paula Mealy at (352) 387-3487 or fill out an information request form.

For more information, read the Becoming a Licensed Foster Parent handout.

Visit Fostering Florida’s Future to hear stories from foster parents in Florida.


Testimonials from Kids Central foster parents

We became foster parents after our own two older children left the nest.  We decided to give children a home where they can be loved, have structure, and feel secure in their lives while they go through a difficult time.   Children deserve to be loved.  Focus more on what you can do for that child; that’s what it’s all about.  They need a mommy & daddy, temporary or forever, even just for a short time.  I feel honored to be a foster parent.



Advice we’d give to someone thinking about becoming a foster parent is to love the children.  They’ve been through so much already.  They don’t need to repeat what they’ve been through.  So, we need good foster parents.  Foster parents who’ll love these children unconditionally, be able to put all their problems aside, and say, “You know what? We love you. We’re going to care for you. We’re here for you until your parents get back to where they need to be.”



Show kids love, put them in a good environment, and help them.  Love and care for them.  To be a foster parent you need to be able to communicate and dedicate yourself to the kids.  We love being foster parents!!