Quality Parenting Initiative


Kids Central proudly participates in the Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) to redefine how communities regard foster care and to recruit skilled, dedicated, and caring people as foster parents. QPI was developed to ensure that every child removed from the home because of abandonment, abuse or neglect is cared for by a foster family who provides skilled, nurturing parenting while helping the child maintain connections with their biological families. The foster family works closely with child welfare agencies, case workers, courts, attorneys and others to protect the child’s best interests.

QPI is a state-wide movement to alter the view of foster care. It represents a cultural shift in the way foster families function and how they work with other professionals. Foster parents are to be treated as valued members of the team. Foster parents are professionals and are experts on the children in their home.  In addition to respecting foster parents, QPI also focuses on allowing foster parents to make normal, common decisions as they would for their own biological children.

 Video produced by the Center for Child Welfare.