Success Stories and Testimonials

Here is what some of our relative caregivers have to say about the support groups provided and facilitated by the Kinship Program at Kids Central:

 “I continue to love this group due to how much support we get from one another”

 “I enjoy getting ideas and information from others in the group”

 “I feel that Melissa is our rock, and the people I met are just great and I feel we are the stones to our children’s future”  

 “I enjoy learning new ways to parent”

 “Got some great ideas for dealing with behaviors”

 “I really like the way we talk about different ways to deal with children”

 “The fact that everyone shares and how open it is with all of us”

 “I am so glad that I came to this support group as I find that everyone here is open and honest and everyone is willing to share.  Very supportive group!”

 “Support and common experiences with other relative caregivers”

 “I love hearing that we are not alone!”

 “Now I feel that I am not alone”

 “Being with others that understand (what we are going through)”

 “Always fun and informative”

 “Good stress relief tonight”

 “Sharing what others are going through with their children”