Permanency Round Table


  Kids Central Inc. partnered with Casey Family Programs in December 2011 to implement Permanency Roundtable (PRT) Staffings in Circuit 5. Information contained on this website was developed from information provided during trainings and consultation from Casey Family Programs. For additional information and resources visit the National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections.

     A Permanency Roundtable Staffing is an internal staffing conducted for children in foster care that have no permanency options available. Many of these children have spent months or even years lingering in foster care. The purpose of the PRT is to expedite permanency and ensure that all options have been exhausted. PRT also ensures that the child has permanent connections in their life. Throughout the staffing, participants offer creative ideas and develop a plan for the child to achieve permanency.

      Permanency Roundtable is a structured 2 hour staffing that includes 6 phases (Welcome, Case Presentation, Clarify and Explore, Brainstorm, Create Permanency Action Plan, Debrief) and 5 specific participants (Case Manager, Case Manager Supervisor, Facilitator, Scribe and Master Practitioner). After the initial PRT a follow up meeting is held every 30 days until permanency is achieved.


Definition of Roles:

Master Practitioners: Provide internal consultation: Chosen for experience, often from a different location.

Case Workers: Present a summary of the case and respond to questions

Supervisors: Provide supplemental information: Respond to questions

Neutral Facilitators: Keep process on track; Facilitate communication and cooperation among participants

Scribes: Record process on the Permanency Roundtable Action Plan


Permanency Is:

  • A family relationship with a variety of caring adults
  • Safe, stable and committed parenting
  • Unconditional love and lifelong support
  • Physical, legal and emotional safety and security
  • Legal family membership status

Permanency is NOT:

  • A philosophical process
  • A plan
  • A foster care placement
  • Nor is it intended to last only until the youth turns 18