Post-Adoption FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Post-Adoption Services


 What does “special needs” mean?

“Special needs” is a term used in federal rules to describe certain children eligible for financial assistance (subsidy) in the adoption process. It does not mean the child necessarily has a disability. In the state of Florida, one or more of the following criteria qualifies a child for special needs assistance:

  1. Age 8 or older
  2. Member of a sibling group being placed for adoption together
  3. African American or racially mixed
  4. Significant emotional ties with foster parents or a relative caregiver
  5. Mental, physical or emotional handicap

When will I receive my subsidy payment each month?

All subsidy checks are sent out at the end of the month to be received by the 28th. If you receive your subsidy payment through direct deposit, the subsidy will be deposited on the 28th of each month. If the 28th is a Saturday or Sunday, the subsidy will be deposited either the Friday before the 28th or the Monday after the 28th of that month.

What if I do not receive my subsidy check by the 28th of the month?

If you do not receive your check by the 28th of the month, there is a ten business day waiting period that must occur prior to the Accounting Department’s involvement. If you do not receive your check, please contact the Kids Central Adoption Support Specialist regarding the matter. After the waiting period, the Kids Central Accounting Department will check with the bank to see if the check has cleared. At that time, the Accounting Department will stop payment on the check and a new check will be sent. Please be sure that Kids Central has your current address to ensure that you receive your check in a timely manner. 

How do I setup or make a change to my direct deposit for my monthly subsidy payment?

In order to set up direct deposit for your subsidy, you will need to complete a direct deposit form. Please click here to access and print the form. Please be sure to attach a voided check (not a starter check) with the document. If you do not have printed checks, please have the bank write a letter on their letterhead, to include the name on the account, the account number, the routing number, and the type of account (Savings or Checking). When you return the form and/or the letter from the bank, please put the letter to the Attention of Accounts Payable (ATTN: Accounts Payable).  If you would like to fax the form, the fax number is 352.387.3559. If you have additional questions or to make changes, please contact Nancy Rodriguez at 352-387-3431  or .

When do I stop receiving the monthly subsidy payments for my adopted child?

You will stop receiving subsidy payments for your adopted child when your child reaches 18 years of age. If there birthday falls on the 1st or the 2nd day of the month, their final subsidy check will be received the month prior to their birthday. 

What if I am considering a divorce after adopting a child(ren)?

If you are considering or in the process of a divorce after the adoption of a child, please be sure that the Divorce Decree stipulates who will have custody of the adopted child(ren) and who will be receive the subsidy for the adopted child(ren).

Who do I contact if I am moving and need to change my address?

Please contact the Kids Central Adoption Support Specialist, Nancy Rodriguez at 352-387-3431  or for assistance. A change of address can impact your adopted child’s Medicaid coverage and the timely receipt of your monthly subsidy check.

When does the Medicaid coverage for my adopted child end? 

All of the children who receive a monthly subsidy are eligible to receive health care through the Medicaid program until age 18.

What if I have issues with my adopted child’s Medicaid coverage, what steps should I take?

If you have issues with your child’s Medicaid, please contact the Kids Central Adoption Support Specialist, Nancy Rodriguez at 352-387-3431  or for assistance.

How do I obtain a copy of my adopted child’s Birth Certificate?

You will receive a copy of your adopted child’s birth certificate from your adoption attorney following the Finalization of Adoption.  All birth certificates must be obtained from the attorney that processed your child’s adoption. 

I am in having a difficult time handling my adopted child’s special needs and/or behaviors. Where can I go for help?

Please contact the Kids Central Post-Adoption Coordinator,Vilma Caban at 352-387-3432 or for assistance and additional support to help you thorough this challenging time. Kids Central offers Adoption Support Groups in Marion, Citrus, Lake, and Hernando Counties.  Please visit the Parent Support Group section of our site for additional information about the groups in your area.

We understand that no children, whether they are birth children or adopted children are “problem free.” Many adoptive children need help at different times, both prior to and after adoption. Their past life experiences may result in the need for additional support and services at various developmental stages.