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"Families" by Normality Relief is licensed under CC BY 2.0
“Families” by Normality Relief is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Kids Central believes investing in families up front, before a call to the abuse hotline, reduces the likelihood the children will be abused or neglected and need help later.

Under the leadership of John Cooper, Kids Central is focused on the identification of research-based and results-driven prevention and diversion programs.

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Prevention programs include the Neighborhood Projects, Family Team Coaching, Kinship Care, Family Intervention Services, Healthy Start, End Kids Tears, Resource Center, Baby Sleep Basics, and Family Team Conferencing. With the reduction of children served by the formal child welfare system, Kids Central has reinvested significant resources into neighborhood engagement projects designed to address family and community-specific needs that potentially contribute to instances of abuse and neglect. Providing Protective Investigators with a wide range of effective diversion and intervention services upfront available to the families they serve, admissions to the child welfare system can be avoided.

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