Post-Adoption Services

In April 2009, Kids Central developed and implemented Post-Adoption Services facilitated through a Post-Adoption Coordinator. The service allows adoptive families to have access to a liaison as a resource for their needs that may arise with their adopted child after the lead agencies have terminated their services. The Post-Adoption Coordinator facilitates Adoption Support Groups in each county during which adoptive parents are able to come together to talk about their difficulties and successes with their adopted child following the exit of the child welfare system. This forum allows adoptive parents to share their resources and connections, as well as a venue to express their frustrations with parenting their adopted child who may continue to have struggles resulting from the abuse and/or neglect they experienced.

The Post-Adoption Coordinator services are available to all adoptive families until their adopted child turns 18 years old. Immediately following the finalization of adoption, the the family will receive a welcome packet to post-adoption services and other important information addressing name changes and benefits.

The goals of Kids Central Post-Adoption program include:

  • Reduction of adoption disruptions allowing the child and family to remain together in a stable and nurturing home environment.
  • Connecting families with community services quickly to address issues as they arise providing support to the members of the family to learn how to appropriately cope during stressful issues.
  • Provision of an outlet to adoptive parents to discuss their family’s circumstances networking with other families who have experienced similar problems as well as inclusion of guest speakers and training to adoptive parents on topics pertinent to their needs occurs during the support groups.
  • Youths spending time with other children, who have been adopted through the dependency system during support groups, allowing them to engage each other with a sense of commonality.