Make a Difference

pinwheel cloudChild abuse and neglect is a genuine epidemic in our communities, but it is not insurmountable. If we all take simple steps, we can make a real difference in the lives of suffering children. Click on the pinwheel to the right, and pledge to be a better neighbor.

Here are some easy ways to help:

Be Vigilant
Learn and look for signs of abuse or neglect. Unexplained burns or bruises, an abnormal fear of adults, sudden behavioral changes, difficulty walking or sitting and a lack of basic hygiene or medical care number among potential indicators of maltreatment. Contact the authorities immediately if you think a child is in danger or has suffered abuse or neglect.

Be Known
In today’s increasingly hectic and isolation-prone society, basic friendly, face-to-face interaction can work wonders for overwhelmed or otherwise struggling parents and caregivers. Making friends with your neighbors can be an important step towards preventing abuse.

Be Supportive
Even little things can make a big difference to an overstressed parent. Lend a helping hand by babysitting, preparing a meal or helping with chores—anything to make life easier and ease tension in the family.

Be a Peacemaker
Many of us have seen parents pushed to their limits by misbehaving children in public places like grocery stores, malls and doctors’ offices. A supportive word, a sympathetic smile and a little praise can often quickly defuse what might become a very negative situation.

Be a Volunteer
Help with local schools and religious organizations, start a parent support group, mentor a child or work with Kids Central and its partners. By becoming an active member of the community, you help foster a caring environment that strengthens families and reduces abuse and neglect.

Be a Contributor                                                                                                                            There are many ways to contribute to the fight against child abuse.

  • Join the End Kids’ Tears campaign by sharing the message. Simply email the web link to friends and family or share the page through social media.
  • Support the campaign with a monetary donation or organize a fundraiser in support of the mission.
  • Learn more about fostering and adopting the children in care.