Performance Based Contracting

Performance based contracting is an effective means of driving quality practice while avoiding the inefficiencies of micromanagement.

Too often contracts are constructed with too much detail consuming energy and obstructing creative endeavor at the practice level.  In an effort to guarantee performance, contracts often have overly detailed compliance requirements and offer little or no reward for innovative practice that leads to sustained good outcomes.  The reality of performance based contracting is that good outcomes come quicker, easier and sustain in an environment with the ways and means to persuade and induce rather than force.

Kids Central as a private provider of social services in a 5 county area in central Florida has been involved with performance based contracting since 2007 as a participant in The National Quality Improvement Center’s “ Performance Based Contracting and Quality Assurance Systems Demonstration Project.”

During the life of this project, Kids Central has become a statewide leader in the following child welfare practices:

  • Frequent quality contact with biological parents, especially nonresident fathers
  • Quality case reviews: face to face clinical case reviews between the supervisor and case manager
  • Effectively managing the front end of the child welfare system, i.e. dramatically reducing the number of children who enter the formal child protective system
  • Building a highly effective inclusive system of care through collaboration, transparency, and trust

Our staff can help you replicate our success.  Services provided include:

  • Developing contracts that incentivize the right practice drivers and establish meaningful targets and incentives that result in improved performance
  • Developing an effective quality assurance and improvement system.  A system that provides information not just data and reaches the right persons in the organization at the right time
  • Creating a working environment where a common vision is shared and the work is done in an atmosphere of trust and transparency
  • Creating an environment where competition is keen but where best practice is shared for the good of all
  • Creating a working environment where success is celebrated and serves as momentum for continued success

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