Reducing Group Facility Placements

In 2006, Kids Central began a structured, clinically driven practice to reduce replacement of Foster youth in institutional and residential group settings.

Recognizing that children and youth do best in family settings and can benefit from residential treatment when offered in targeted, short term stays, Kids Central created a method to review and plan for children in high-end placements. As a result of this ongoing practice, children and youth live within the geographic boundaries of Kids Central’s catchment area and often live in relative or Foster homes.

Accomplishments to date include:

  • Significant decrease in expenditures
  • More children are in relative and Foster homes
  • Shorter length of stay
  • Increased child well being

Kids Central can offer organizational consultation and technical assistance in the area of: 

  • Creating an organizational structure to intervene in existing placements and creating individualized plans for each child
  • Preventing new residential placements
  • Addressing the behavioral needs of the child in a home setting
  • Identifying residential preferred providers and engaging them as corporate values and vision
  • Incorporating Family Finding for children living in residential facilities
  • Development of performance measures

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For more information contact:

John Cooper
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