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Kids Central understands the importance of a family unit. When safely possible, we work to keep families together and strive to bring them back together through case management coordination, and family support services. As a prevention program, Kids Central offers Kinship Care Support for relatives raising relative children to keep them from entering foster care. For children, who cannot safely remain with their families, Kids Central recruits, trains, and licenses foster homes. Adoption services are also provided to find permanent living arrangements for children after judicial involvement.


and Families

Child safety is of utmost concern. Through child abuse prevention programming, family support services, and case management coordination, Kids Central puts the safety and well-being of children first. For young adults exiting foster care, Kids Central provides the Independent Living Program to help youth transition from foster care to adulthood safely and with support.


Kids Central Inc is working to create a brighter future for children and their families by building better lives through protecting children supporting families and engaging communities

Why Kids Central?

Kids Central strives to continue to be the most effective and recognizable lead-agency. Our focus is on providing child-centered practices that continue to strengthen families, and create, support, and maintain a safe environment for children. We ensure these goals are met by continuing to focus on integrity, accountability, excellence, empowerment, collaboration, and innovation. Kids Central strives every day to embrace the purpose of building better lives.

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