Ways to Get Involved

Beyond fostering or adopting, there are many ways to get involved with the mission of Kids Central. Kids Central provides opportunities to volunteer, as well as the opportunity to financially partner, either personally or through corporate sponsorship.


Kids Central’s volunteer program was established in February 2010.  Since then, volunteers have contributed more than 3,500 hours assisting in Kids Central’s Resource Center, both in internal departments and through involvement with community events. The program strives to be flexible and accommodating to volunteers’ schedules.

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In Due Time

Have you ever noticed that a Volkswagen Beetle can turn around on a dime, but tractor trailers require a lot more space and time to make the same turn? When a mom who is deep in substance abuse has her child taken away, she is much like the tractor trailer. It takes time to get …

19th Annual Break the Silence on Violence

The FVP Workgroup and CCASA consists of representatives from a variety of social service and community agencies who work together to address and reduce family violence and substance abuse. These are both issues we must be vigilant in addressing in our community.

The Miracle of Motherhood

What image comes to mind when you think of child welfare? Is it dark images of children being taken from their parents because they can’t safely care for them? Parents with drug addictions, domestic violence issues and unsafe living conditions? Or do you picture foster parents who help to heal and care for abused and …