You can make a genuine difference in the lives of local children and families by volunteering with Kids Central.

Volunteering with Kids Central

Kids Central’s volunteer program was established in February 2010.  Since then, volunteers have contributed more than 3,500 hours assisting in Kids Central’s Resource Center, internal departments and at community events.  The program strives to be flexible and accommodating to volunteers’ schedules.

  • Must be 18 years old
  • All volunteers must submit an application and complete a thorough background screening (at no cost to the applicant)

Kids Central cannot offer volunteer opportunities for youth under 18.

For more information, please complete this online form or email us at Volunteer@KidsCentralinc.org.

Internship Opportunities

Please do not complete the volunteer request for information if you are interested in becoming an intern.

Contact HR at 352-387-3417 or HR@KidsCentralinc.org.