Family Preservation Services

We understand that families sometimes need a helping hand. Kids Central has a number of programs in place to link Central Florida families with services that help them thrive. These include initiatives like Healthy Start for expectant mothers, neighborhood resource centers, the Family Resource Center, and more. We work with local families to help them stay happy, healthy, and together.

Family Preservation Services

Family Preservation Services are similar to prevention programs in that they are designed to prevent or reduce child abuse or neglect. Family Preservation Services are intended to assist families in avoiding removal of children from their homes by providing services in the home. As a key component of Family Preservation, Kids Central utilizes internal diversion programs to divert families from the formal child welfare system.

Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP)

The Nurturing Parenting Program assists families facing a variety of parenting challenges and focuses on positive changes in parenting and raising children. Participating families learn about developmental milestones, discipline techniques, the importance of bonding and attachment, and many other valuable parenting skills. This program helps parents develop concrete parenting skills as well as the importance of nurturing parent-child relationships.

NPP is a 12-20 week in-home program working with Parents and Children.

Must have open case and be referred by CPI or Case Manager.

Parenting Journey Program (PJP)

The Parenting Journey program helps mothers, fathers, and caregivers increase their confidence, capability, and resiliency as individuals and as parents. The program helps parents take better care of themselves, gain new parenting skills, and build strong relationships as they work towards reuniting with their children. Children must have been removed (out of the home) for parents to qualify.

PJP is a 12 week, 2 hours per week group program for parents who must complete parenting as part of the case plan.

Must be referred by Case Manager.

Family Team Conference (FTC)

Family Team Conferences establishes a team to work together with the family, such as friends and neighbors, community members and professionals, who join to develop plans and build natural supports that will sustain the family over time ensuring safety, stability, and permanency. Family Team Conferencing evolved from the way that families form their own natural helping system to meet needs and solve problems.

FTC empowers the family to come up with a plan to address their needs while ensuring the safety of the children.

Number of visits based on needs of the family over a period of 30 days.

Must be referred by IRP Specialist.

Family Connections Collaborative (FCC)

Family Connections Collaborative works with vulnerable families by providing in-home services to help with parent education, emergency needs, family support, counseling, and community resources. The goal is to provide services to help strengthen families during stressful circumstances and to help rebuild a safe and nurturing home for children.

FCC program provides intensive in-home services to help with parent education, emergency concrete needs, and family support, counseling, and community resources.

Weekly one (1) hour meetings for up to a six (6) month period.

Must be referred by CPI.

Safety Management Services (SMS)

Safety Management Services provides intensive, family-centered, strength-based, and solution-focused services in the homes of families in crisis, to prevent placement of abused and neglected children into foster care. Families are connected to community resources and supports that increase the strength and likelihood of ongoing success and improving risks to children.

Family Advocate monitors and ensures that families in crisis are stabilized as indicated by the family’s safety plan.

Must be referred by CPI or Case Manager and must have a Safety Plan in place.

Parent Needs Assistance (PNA)

When a call to the Hotline does not rise to the level of an investigation, or a parent just needs assistance or information, a facilitator contacts the family and provides information and linkage to community resources to enable the family to help themselves and obtain needed services.

Baby Sleep Basics

The Baby Sleep Basics Program is offered to families who reside in Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion and Sumter Counties. Families receive SIDS and safe sleep education applicable to children under one year of age. If income and eligibility requirements are met, the family may qualify for a free pack-n-play.

To qualify:

  • Mother must be in the third trimester of pregnancy or have a child under 12 months of age
  • Have no pack and play, crib or have a crib that is broken
  • Meet federal poverty guidelines
  • Can be referred by CPI, Case Manager, Community Partner or Self

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