Inside Perspective

Hello, my name is Lakesha G. I am 16 years old and currently in foster care. I would like to share what care really is with outsiders. Foster care is not what people portray it to be. Foster care is a place where kids come if they’ve been abandoned, abused or neglected. For example, if their parents are not able to care of them and provide their needs. I want to explain this, because I once was having a conversation and was asked, “What did you do to get in foster care?” It hit me. This is what outsiders label us: bad kids. This made me feel very sad and down inside.

I believe the general public thinks foster kids are poor and feel sorry for us. Basically, I’ve been in foster care since I was two days old but didn’t live in an actual foster home. For three years now, I’ve lived in a foster home. I really believe foster parents are so kind for taking in children that are not theirs, and I’m thankful to them.

Lakesha G., guest author and currently in foster care