Community Member Donates to Independent Living Youth

In December Hannah Rios, Independent Living (IL) Supervisor was contacted by a community member inquiring about how he could help teens that have aged out of foster care. He understood IL and wanted to specifically assist those youth that were working on their college education.

Three youth were identified who were first year college students from Citrus County (which is where he is from), and they all had a rough start in foster care; however, they all turned it around and are working hard to achieve their educational goals. He purchased and donated the three youth laptops, printers, software carrying cases and other accessories. He had the opportunity to meet with each of the girls to give them their new gifts in person at Kids Central on Friday, January 10th.

In an email after meeting the girls he wrote, It is my most sincere hope and prayer that today will be a moment in time that these young women can look back upon as a moment of personal triumph. That they can somehow recognize that they are stronger, and more deserving of not only these tools for learning, but that they matter as much if not more than so many others who have had a much softer and easier life. Tell them for me that I want so much for them to succeed because they deserve it. They have the courage and determination to become some of the most cherished and important members of this world. I think they are now but don’t know it!”

 All three girls were excited and appreciative of the generous donation. One of the girls said she had never had anyone give her something so nice before. The two sisters both said they have never owned a computer before and explained that it will make it easier for them to complete their college assignments. They are also excited about being able to Skype with family out of the county that they have recently reconnected with.

Kids Central is incredibly thankful to have community members that recognize the amazing youth we have in our system-of-care and are willing to reach out and help them succeed. These are the donors that put community in community-based care.

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