Local Barber Shop Cuts Kids Hair

Even before Yaskira Landestoy began work at Kids Central, in the Independent Living Department, she had a heart for the children we serve.  A few days after she was offered her job position at Kids Central she found herself at RBI Barber shop in Marion Oaks getting her sons hair cut. While there, she noticed they had a lot of pictures posted of the different volunteer work they did for the kids in Marion County. Hoping they would be willing to do something for the children Kids Central serves, she mentioned she was going to be starting work here and information about what we do. They readily agreed to help cut hair for a few of the kids.

Fast forward to July 16th, Adam and Josh at RBI took the time to cut hair for seven kids being helped by Kids Central. They took the time to talk and joke with each kid and helped them pick out a hairstyle. When asked why they were willing to do this, Josh answered, they are always looking for ways to help the community. They help coach local soccer teams and host giveaways at Christmas.

While cutting the kids hair may not seem like a big deal to most people, it is a big deal to the kids. Their situation may not allow for them to get haircuts as needed. They also might not be able to go to a barber shop to get a haircut. Whatever the situation, this was a special time for them. They had a chance to pick their style, not too crazy though! While they were cutting their hair Adam and Josh could be heard talking to the kids and finding out what they wanted to be when they grew up. Most of the boys had fun talking about their favorite sports teams. RBI is decked out in each barber’s favorite baseball team. It was great to see the kids opening up and having a fun time getting their hair cut.

It is always wonderful to have community partners and businesses open their doors to the kids we serve. It is always far more than a haircut, toys, clothes, or money. It is about the kids getting a chance to participate in a normal childhood activity.

If you live near Marion Oaks and need a good barber consider RBI. They are located at 14300 SW 36th Ave Rd Ocala, Fl 34473. Their phone number is 352-307-4724.