Race:  Caucasian

Likes:   watching TV, playing video games, going to school and playing sports, singing and dancing, skating, bowling, riding horses, bikes and skateboards, going to the movies, cooking, shopping, drawing and going to church.

Abigail loves singing, drawing, dancing and gymnastics.  She also enjoys playing basketball.

Her most cherished memory is going to the fair with her mom and her most precious possessions include letters and pictures from her mom and stuffed animals from her dad.  The hardest thing Abigail has ever experienced is being taken away from her mom.

Abigail loves baby animals like kittens and puppies and wants to be a veterinarian or a singer.  Her favorite singer is Eminem because he sings about what he has been through and has encouraged her to sing.  If she could meet anyone living or dead she would want to meet Eminem.

Abigail dreams of a loving family that will never let her go.  She says she would like to write a song for her new family after she gets to know them.  Getting to know her family could start with Abigail’s vision of a perfect day which would be spent in the sun at the beach with her family making sand angels, sand castles and having a picnic.

Would you be willing to open your heart to Abigail and make her dreams come true?

For more information please contact Spots@KidsCentralinc.org or call (352) 387-3476 

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