Turning the Corner: A Reunification Story

The Taylor family became involved in the child welfare system when their only child, one year-old Jason, was sheltered from them due to the substance abuse and domestic violence issues. Typical to these cases, substance abuse shad negative effects on their relationship, their ability to communicate effectively and to properly care for their son. Their son, Jason, went to live with Donna‚Äôs mother while she and David worked on the assigned case plan tasks. Both parents were devastated when their son was removed from the home but wanted to make positive, healthy changes to their lives and learn everything possible to better care for Jason. They were very cooperative with the Family Care Manager, the courts, and their attorneys and worked hard to make necessary positive life changes. Having accepted support from the Family Care Manager (FCM) and community resources, they successfully completed all the required case plan tasks. They incorporated what they learned into their daily routines with each other and with their son, Jason. After several months of successful behavioral change, they were reunified with Jason and participated in the Nurturing Parenting Program, an in-home parenting class. Through these classes, both parents shared that they were learning a lot about child development, about who they were as parents and who they were as individuals. They learned, developed and demonstrated strategies on how to strengthen their relationship and increase their capacity to care for their son and help him to grow and thrive. The case closed successfully. Donna and David communicate effectively, and their son is thriving – learning to speak new words and also how to draw. Donna is confident in her abilities to support her son developmentally, socially, and educationally. She is confident in her relationship with her husband, David, who takes time to be with his family and make their time together special. They work as a team to solve their family’s problems and raise their son. They take camping trips together and have community links near their home on which to rely for support.