Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth (Liz) Thompson

Citrus County

Liz began her teaching career in New York City in 1971. After moving to Florida in 1981, she continued to teach in settings from elementary to post-secondary. She has two master’s degrees, which are in Education and Guidance. Her ability is understanding people and what is needed to make their educational experience positive and fulfilling.  

She has used education in various settings and levels to continue to create and change the look of education and counseling to meet the unique needs of the students and their experiences. Her multifaceted approach to education allows her to create new services that fill the needs of the students and staff. Education is ever changing and must be brought into the current decade. Being the President of Florida’s Counseling Program, she spearheaded the need for students to get the academic, personal, and social needs they needed to make school productive and rewarding to them. Winning the Golden Apple Teacher of the Year Award in 2000 in Marion County, was a validation of her work.  

Her passion for people creates seamless educational experiences which not only impart the knowledge needed but the emotional background and support that comes with each new job.  She wants people to be ready for the world of work both intellectually and emotionally.  

Liz currently lives in Citrus County. She is the General Education Director of Taylor College and teaches classes in English, Lifespan, and Ethics. She is on the board of Save Crystal River, as the Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator.  She is also involved as the Secretary of Music in Medicine.