Mason and Maddison

Mason and Maddison are a sibling set who are very close to one another. Mason is a very loving and outgoing boy who loves playing outdoors. Mason enjoys playing with various toys, such as cars, trucks, or anything that goes fast. He really loves riding his bike outside and he likes to try and figure out how things work by taking things apart and putting them back together. Mason enjoys watching Paw Patrol on television and his favorite color is blue. Mason is a great big brother to his younger sister, and he enjoys playing with her.

Maddison is a very social little girl who loves playing with adults or other children, especially her brother. Maddison loves anything Minnie Mouse and her favorite color is pink. Maddison loves water, animals, singing songs, watching cartoons, and learning. She is a very bubbly child who loves to smile and giggle. Maddison is very attached to her older brother and enjoys riding her bike outside with him when the weather is nice.