At Kids Central, our mission of service, excellence, and caring is reflected in everything we do. We are dedicated to achieving measurable, positive outcomes for children and families in the Central Florida communities we serve. Please join us in creating brighter futures for children and families.

Kids Central is more than a child welfare agency: We’re a beacon of hope.


Protecting Children • Supporting Families • Engaging Communities

Kids Central’s mission speaks to the core of why Kids Central exists and why we do what we do. Kids Central’s core mission remains caring for the abused, neglected and abandoned children as the lead agency; however, the mission reflects our broadened responsibility as a community support organization.


To be the most effective and recognizable lead agency for community-based care, providing child-centered practices that strengthen families and help create, support and maintain a safe environment for children.

Value Statements

Integrity: We are professional and honest in our working relationships, honor our commitments and hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and conduct.

Accountability: As stewards of the public’s trust, we are responsible, transparent and dependable in our actions.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in our work, seek ways to continuously improve and ensure staff and partners have the proper competencies and capacity to exceed customer expectations.

Empowerment: We empower staff, individuals, families, and communities by respecting their diversity, providing the information and authority necessary to make appropriate decisions, and ensuring they have a voice and choice in their future.

Collaboration: We engage community members, partners, stakeholders and service recipients in order to turn vision into action.

Innovation: We cultivate a learning, adaptable environment using feedback, data and innovative ideas to improve efficiencies, effectiveness and results.

What We Do

Protecting Children:
Child safety is of utmost concern. Through child abuse prevention programmingdiversion services and case management coordination, Kids Central puts the safety and wellbeing of children first. For young adults exiting foster care, Kids Central provides the Independent Living program  to help youth transition from foster care to adulthood.

Supporting Families:
Kids Central understands the importance of a family unit. If safely possible, we work to keep families together and strive to bring them back together through case management coordination,  and diversion support services. As a prevention program, Kids Central offers Kinship Care Support for relatives raising relative children to keep them from entering foster care. For children, who cannot safely remain with their families, Kids Central recruits, trains, and licenses foster homesAdoption services are also provided to find permanent living arrangement for children after judicial involvement.

Engaging Communities:
As the lead community-based care organization, the community’s support and commitment are integral to Kids Central’s mission. To build a child-centered community-based system of care, Kids Central assesses any gaps in available services, evaluates the needs of the community and harnesses its strengths. Kids Central also provides child abuse prevention programming and community education.

Kids Central, Inc. is a community-based care lead agency contracted with the Department of Children and Families.