Specifically, to address the impact of domestic violence in Marion County, the Marion County Children’s Alliance recruited a family violence prevention coordinator to target the issue. Since 2005, the family violence prevention coordinator has worked in partnership with Kids Central to facilitate the Family Violence Prevention workgroup. The workgroup consists of representatives from a variety of social service, nonprofit and corporate agencies, and community members.

Family Violence is defined as abuse among people who live together or who are related by kinship or trust, examples include child abuse, teen dating violence, domestic violence, and elder abuse.

Domestic Violence is about power and control, a crime and a choice made by a person. It is a pattern of controlling behaviors that may include physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Domestic violence occurs in heterosexual and homosexual relationships. Even if your partner does not physically harm you, threats of violence may be reinforced by intimidation, blame, denial, threats, isolation, and force.

If you are a victim of domestic violence it is NOT your fault. Drugs or alcohol may make the abuse worse, but they are not the cause. The abuser IS responsible.

The Alliance works in conjunction with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, the Ocala Police Department, judicial and juvenile justice departments and other organizations in an effort to create a community environment that promotes and supports non-violent, familiar relationships.