A Day in the Life of Santa

A day in the Life of Santa, Day-10: Last night I played what will arguable is the second hardest Christmas event of this year, and one that is usually the hardest I face annually: The Lake and Sumter Families foster parent association. The children arrive with both trepidation and excitement. From hearing Leesburg Fire Department’s …

Inside Perspective

Hello, my name is Lakesha G. I am 16 years old and currently in foster care. I would like to share what care really is with outsiders. Foster care is not what people portray it to be. Foster care is a place where kids come if they’ve been abandoned, abused or neglected. For example, if …

The New Face of “Orphans”

The story of Davion Navar Henry Only walking into St. Petersburg’s St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church and making a plea to the congregation for a forever home, has rocketed through the Internet, hitting blogs, bouncing through social media, and making National news. As touching as Davion’s story is, he is one child in need of …

Back to Basics for DCF

Why The Three Rs Will Not Work: By John Cooper, CEO Historically and predictably, horrific tragedies have forced the Department of Children and Families (DCF) leadership to consistently rush to “Review, React, and Reform.”  These periods of appeasing accelerated changes typically fail to produce the desired long- term results.   One of the challenges; the Department …

What happens to the kids?

When parents are unable, unwilling, or unavailable to care for their children, what happens to the kids? Most of the time, a relative steps up to the plate and assumes responsibility. The complex interwoven systems – legal, medical, educational- are already difficult to navigate with your own children, but try it as a relative caregiver. …

Clermont Family Recognized as an Angel in Adoption™ at National Event in Washington, D.C.

Clermont – The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) honored Pastor Chris and Alicia Johnson as Angels in Adoption™ during a ceremony on October 8 and gala on October 9 in Washington, D.C. Each year, CCAI selects individuals, families or organizations nationwide who have demonstrated a commitment to improving the lives of children in need …